Friday, May 27, 2005

This site is awesome

This blog is awesome. I tried mindsay for about 5 minutes and trashed it. Some freak e-mailed me a reply totally off topic (off the planet). I am liking this much better. I am a new blogger, so I am posting too much.


I really like this blue font color. It is the best I have used so far on this template and I will make it my default!

My daughter is sick and we just popped into the Lord of the Rings 2 - awesome movie and awesome books as well.


Yes! This is much better than that awful black template. Anyways, I need to outline my story and I am wondering: 1) do I write the story and insert characters or 2) write the story intertwined with the heroine. I think the latter is a better idea, otherwise I think it will just be like dumping people in a story line. I have an idea of who my herione is, but I need a hero. Can a heroine save the hero? I don't know. I am also having a problem with the villain b/c I have no identifiable person, it is an organization as a whole. I guess I can pick the head of the organization. I hate picking names for my characters, always have. It just absolutely sucks. And another issue of mine, I want to base my novel in a major city, I am wondering if I should aovid this. Nah, I just read a a great thriller based in a major city. Anyways, maybe it will give me an excuse to head out there and sight see!

Trying to get a new template

Trying to get a new template. The black one is hideous

Starting a Blog

I am starting this blog b/c I need a writing journal to chart my progress. Yes, I have decided to write a novel, again. Only this time I am going to complete it, I am! (I think I can, I think I can ...) I am going to ignore my worst critic (myself) and plug away at this book. If I don't ignore myself, I will never be able to write. As for my novel, I have been pondering two different ideas but have finally decided on one them. A romance suspense, do I dare? Yes.

Where do I go from here? Well, unfortunately, outlining the novel, chipping away to reveal my characters. Turning this vague idea into a storyline that is worth reading. Challenging yes, but the greatest challenge I have to overcome is actually finishing a novel that I have started.